Angaston Show

Open Sections / Competitions

Open Sections / Competitions

We invite you to showcase your talents in the Show competitions. Whether your proficiency is in cultivating fruits and vegetables, cooking, floral art, or sheep/wool showing, we’ve curated dedicated sections for nearly every interest.

Engage in any category that resonates with your skills and passions. Our aim is to celebrate our vibrant community, the show is what we make it.

All exhibits are initially displayed anonymously, and only the victorious entries are revealed with the contributors’ names. Take a bold step and submit your entry!

Participation in all Show competitions requires a Show Membership. A Show Membership is simply a pre-purchased ticket.

Exhibitors who register and pay via Showday Online can use their email receipt as their ticket. Exhibitor numbers and exhibit stickers will be issued when you bring your items into the Show Hall to exhibit.


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Open Sections / Competitions include:

  • Cookery
  • Dahlias
  • Eggs
  • Floral Design
  • Fruit & Grapes
  • Handicrafts
  • Cut Flowers
  • Produce – Eggs, Honey, Dairy
  • Horses In Action
  • Pets
  • Pot Plants
  • Preserves, Jams, Pickles
  • Home Brew
  • Sheep
  • Vegetables
  • Wool

join the fun!

Snow Sports Adventure
Christmas Berry Jam (Cookery)

Follow the Show Book Recipe to make your jam.

Downhill Skiing
The Great Angaston Apron Challenge (Handicrafts)

An apron of any style made of any media.

Ski Racing

Exhibit your finest eggs to claim glory for your feathers friend.

There’s so much to gain!

Skill Enhancement

Engaging in diverse competitions allows you to cultivate and demonstrate a broad spectrum of skills.

Self-Assurance Development

Participating in exhibitions and competitions fosters self-assurance as you master the art of presenting your work and accomplishments to judges and the audience.

Enjoyment and Fulfillment

It goes beyond the competition; it’s about thoroughly enjoying pursuits you’re passionate about. For young participants, it offers a chance to relish engaging activities.

Acknowledgment and Honors

Achieving victory or merely taking part in competitions brings a sense of achievement and acknowledgment for the dedication invested in event preparation.

We would like to thank the many sponsors across our Open Competitions.

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