February 21-23, 2025

Horses in Action

Horses in Action

Equestrians, seize the opportunity to showcase your riding prowess and the incredible bond with your horse at the Angaston Show Horses In Action event.

Enter now for a chance to demonstrate athleticism, precision, and the deep connection between rider and horse. Join us in celebrating the top equestrian talent in our region.

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The Angaston Show HIA Society partners with  Thorough Care SA to represent, promote and support thoroughbreds after their racing careers.

All enquiries to Deb Ames, phone: 0418 816 712 or email.

horses in action

HIA Events 21-23 February 2025

Equestrian Excellence

Angaston Show’s three-day “Horses in Action” event, highlights the region’s top equestrian talent.

Thrilling Competitions

Watch skilled riders compete in exciting events like show jumping, show hunters, and miniature ponies.

Spectacular Displays

Enjoy stunning displays showcasing the beauty and power of horses in skillful and precise performances.

Family-Friendly Fun

Horses in Action is family-friendly, offering a perfect mix of entertainment and equestrian excellence for all.

Horses in Action


Home of the Barossa Valley Founding Fathers Championship and the Bob Button Senior Championship.

Friday 21 Feb

Show Jumping

Saturday 22 Feb

Show Jumping

Harness Program

Miniature Ponies

Sunday 23 Feb

Show Jumping


Miniature Ponies

Show Hunters

Horses in Action


Horses In Action Secretary – Deb Ames

Show Jumping Convenor – Nick Van Dissel

Hacks & Show Hunters Convenor – Shauna McClean

Harness Convenor – Brain Conway

Miniature Ponies – Barb Voysey

Horses in Action


Angaston Show Horses in Action is proudly sponsored by:

Allan Thomas

The Blenkiron Family

C&P Norrie

The Conway Family

Dapple EQ – Equestrian Clothing & Horse Gear

Event Screen Printers

The Graetz Family