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Welcome to the 2025 Angaston Show

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The Angaston Show 2025

Experience the full splendour of the Angaston Show on February 22, 2025, and the thrilling three-day “Horses in Action” event from February 21st to 23rd. This dynamic showcase of agricultural excellence, local talent, and spirited camaraderie is not just an event; it’s a celebration of rural life and regional achievements.

For those eager to join the festivities, tickets are conveniently available for purchase. Attendees can secure their admission either online through the official website or at the gate, ensuring a hassle-free entry to this extraordinary celebration.

Families are especially encouraged to explore the plethora of family-friendly and affordable activities. As part of the festivities, the Children’s Discovery Trail Showbag promises an exciting adventure for the little ones. Packed with surprises and engaging goodies, this showbag is designed to ignite the curiosity and imagination of children, making the Angaston Show a memorable experience for the whole family.

In the true spirit of community engagement, the event offers free activities for attendees of all ages, making it accessible to everyone. Additionally, gold coin activities not only add an element of fun but also contribute to local causes, showcasing the Angaston Show’s commitment to supporting and strengthening the community.

With livestock displays, agricultural showcases, and a diverse range of exhibits, the Angaston Show is set to captivate attendees with the region’s resilience and vitality. This celebration goes beyond the traditional, embracing creativity and innovation while fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this hallmark event, where the bonds of community are strengthened, local talents are celebrated, and the rich tapestry of rural life is proudly displayed. Join us at the Angaston Show and experience a day filled with excitement, competition, and the joy of coming together as a community.


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Images by Rebekah Rosenzweig Photography.