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The first Angaston Agricultural and Horticultural Society Show was held in the pavilion erected on “The Green” opposite Angaston Hotel on March 7, 1854. Shows were then held regularly at the Memorial Reserve until 1857 before lapsing until 1891 where they have been held at Angas Recreation Park ever since, apart from 1919 during World War II years.

In 1870 a Show was held in the former Institute/Masonic Hall. Horticulture and dairy produce were displayed in the first shows. They were later held in the Masonic Hall basement and once held on Thursdays in a marquee near the present Angas Recreation Park and in a tent where the present Town Hall is, before moving to Saturday open air Shows.

The oldest minute book of 1896 recorded W. Hague as secretary, C. H. Angas president, R. H. Ball treasurer.
Committee were Messrs F. W. Liebing, Jas. Hill, R. Player, W. Chinner sen., R. Waters, A. Brobble, A. Vorwerk, E. Earl, J. Mansfield, J. H. Smith, R. Tummel, E. Hyne, W. Trescowthick, Dr. Heinrich, A. Johnson, R. C. Turner, E. Thamm, M. C. Davey, T. Ludlow, F. Salter, E. Handing and M. Maughan.
Auditors were Messrs J. E. Swann and Gomar Thomas.


Up to 1928, the presidents were Abraham Shannon, William Hague, Walter G. Smith, J. P. Heggie, F. G. Cowan, J. E. Swann, W.M. Sibley, E. E. Trescowthick and John Dallwitz. W. Hague was secretary from 1897-1906, John Dallwitz took over in 1907 unitl 1916 when J. E. Swann became secretary. In 1918 E. T. Odgers took on the job until 1926 when E. R. Feist took over. Long serving Secretary, the late Ron Feist retired after 30 years on August 17, 1983.

As the Shows are known today, they were revived in 1891 and held in Angas Recreation Park. The one-day Show was held up until February 22, 1975 and from February 28, 1976 – February 22, 2014 they were two day Shows. After this, except for another trial year in recent times, it has continued to be a one-day show, with the three-day Horses in Action activities.

1854 – 1st Show on Tuesday, March 7 on “The Green” opposite Angaston Hotel.

1855 – 2nd Show on Wednesday, March 14, on pavilion opposite Chapel (probably Memorial Reserve or Children’s Reserve).

1856 – 3rd Show on Tuesday, March 11, in large pavilion opposite Keynes’ Store, opposite what is now Anytime Fitness carpark

1857 – 4th Show on Thursday, March 19, on an unoccupied piece of land facing the township.

1858 – Barossa & Light Show at Nuriootpa. | 1859 – Barossa & Light Show at Kapunda. | 1860 – Barossa & Light Show at Angaston.

1862 – Meeting held on July 26 to form a new Angaston A. & H. Society.

1870 – September 17, a meeting was held to form an Angaston A., H. & F. Society due to lapse in one formed a few years ago.

1870 – November 11, a Show was held in the lower room of the new Mechanics’ Institute (later Masonic Hall).

1877 – Barossa & Light Show at Angaston, March 14. Report – The fourth Annual Show in connection with the Barossa and Light Agricultural, Horticultural, and Floricultural Society took place today, this being the first time the Society has held its Show at Angaston since its establishment.

1891 – March 5, Angaston A. H. & F. Society held a Show at the Angaston Oval. Report – The first Show in connection with the recently- resuscitated Agricultural, Horticultural, and Floricultural Society in the Angaston district was held in the Angas Recreation Park on Wednesday last. It is fourteen or fifteen years since the district boasted of a society of this kind. Then the arrangement was the holding of shows alternately at Angaston, Angas Park, Tanunda, and Greenock—an arrangement that could not but quickly bring about the collapse of the society, seeing that the greater part of the exhibits at the shows came from Angaston, at which place the shows could only be held once in four years. However, the present society has not this drawback, and the successful fete on Wednesday should only be the first of a large number.

1892 – March 24, ‘’Second” Show at Recreation Park. Shows continued every year.

1898 – Show building caught on fire at the Show Ball but saved and Show was held during day (Wednesday).

1899 – 1918 – Show every year.

1919 – Cancelled due to Spanish Flu.

1920 – 1941 – Show held.

1942 – Show cancelled due to WWII.

1946 – Show held in November which was a sort of Angaston Centenary Show to coincide with 100th birthday of Angaston (1941).

1947 – Show not held.

1948 – resumed as two-days on 27-28 February and called 51st Show.

1949 – 52nd Show was one-day again until 1975.

1976 became two-day Show until 2014 when became one-day Show again.

2015 – 2016 one-day Show.

2017 – Celebrated 120th Show and 2018 was a one-day Show.

2019 – Tried a 2 day Show again to celebrate 122 years, but a terribly hot and windy Sunday kept the crowds away.

2020 – 2021 one-day Shows. 2021 Saw lots of changes due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it was one of the biggest Show attendances in years. Both these Shows included the new Truck Show-n-Shine event. 2021 Show added a ‘Barossa Upstairs Downstairs’ fundraising ‘food, wine and storytelling’ experience in the Club Rooms.’

2022 – Show cancelled due to space/grounds limitations with the modifications to the Angas Rec Park with the new second oval and improvements to the Club Rooms, but the HIA three-day program still went ahead, as did the new ‘Wine & Floral Design’ fundraising event in the Club Rooms on the Friday night pre-Show Day.

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